LeVent Home Owners Association and Prestige Vacations Aruba are also very ‘Happy to Give Back’

As is already known, as a counterreaction to the current unprecedented global health and economic crisis, CEDE Aruba has taken the “Happy to Give Back” initiative. This
initiative is aimed at raising funds through donations from resident and non-resident friends of Aruba, to provide direct help to the neediest in the Aruban community when it
comes to food and proper alimentation.

The new LeVent Beach Resort at the Eagle Beach in Aruba consists of 59 condos and 9 townhouses, which residences are since about a year ago sold out individually to non-
resident ‘friends of Aruba’. Prestige Vacations Aruba is the Preferred Property Manager appointed by the Home Owners Association (HOA) at LeVent. When the managing director of Prestige Vacations Aruba, Mr. Alan Riley, called the President of the Board of LeVent HOA, Mr. Salvatore Strazzeri about this incredibly important and essential initiative taken by CEDE Aruba, there was no hesitation at all. “We owe Aruba for a lot of the happiness and vacation relaxation in our lives; so, it’s only natural that we should now substantially help Aruba too, during these very difficult times”, was the response by Mr. Strazzeri.

Mr. Tony Falvo, the Treasurer of the Board of LeVent HOA, fully agreed with the president of the board and consequently set off to inform all property owners of LeVent about CEDE Aruba’s initiative. He thus successfully managed to get approval from an excessive majority of the property owners to make a substantial contribution from LeVent HOA to the initiative. “It’s the right thing to do”, Mr. Falvo simply said. The Secretary of the board of LeVent HOA, Mr. Frank Giuliani, later gladly joined his colleagues which made the decision of the board unanimous.

The above efforts generously raised a ‘happy to give back’ total amount of US$ 25,000 as a financial contribution to our initiative, of which the identifiable contributors are:
LeVent HOA (40%), Prestige Vacations Aruba – Mr. Riley (20%) and the board officials personally being Mr. Strazzeri, Mr. Falvo and Mr. Giuliani (40%). This will surely make
CEDE Aruba able to help hundreds of people more in the Aruban community who during the next few months are or will be in need of basic human necessities like food and proper alimentation.

CEDE Aruba is of course very grateful for this substantial contribution and hereby want to thank all the property owners at LeVent Beach Resort in general, and Mr. Strazzeri, Mr. Falvo. Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Riley in particular, for their charitable support of our work for the community of Aruba.

For more information on the ‘Happy to Give Back’ initiative please visit www.happytogiveback.com