HTGB Online campaigns with Aruban Heroes

To reach all friends of Aruba, we launched Happy to Give Back with an online campaign with our Aruban heroes like Xander Bogaerts (MLB player), Sarah Quita Offringa (world champion windsurfing) and Edward Cheung (Nasa scientist) expressing their support to the Happy to Give Back initiative.

Xander Bogaerts

Aruban MLB Shortstop Boston Red Sox

Sarah-Quita Offringa

Aruban Windsurfing World Champion

Edward Cheung

Principal Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
HTGB Month

During the month of August Happy to Give Back organized different activities all around Aruba to raise awareness about the initiative and to collect as much funds as possible. Many organizations joined the HTGB Month and created their own initiatives, like Setar via their sms initiative. Do you have a Setar mobile number? Sms ‘duna’ to 222 to donate afl 1,- and ‘yuda’ to 250 to donate afl 5,-. This is still possible till the end of this year.

HTGB Donation Boxes

All over the island at many restaurants, gas stations and other places you will find Happy to Give Back donation boxes. Just donate cash via the top of the box or scan via your phone the QR-code on the side on the box and donate online.

HTGB Street Donations

We are so grateful to all the volunteers of Happy to Give Back. They are doing an amazing job to raise as much funds as possible. You can find them on different roundabouts across the island to collect funds. Keep an eye open especially during the weeks before Thanksgiving.

HTGB National Radio-and Telethon

Together with the 12 biggest radiostations and TeleAruba we organized a 48-hours national Radio- and Telethon. It became a weekend of pure generosity! Aruba showed solidarity with the people who need it most and in only 48 hours we raised more than Afl 256.000,-! We thank again everybody that was involved; from all the volunteers, to the radio- and television stations and to the companies and people who donated.

HTGB Takes Over

Different organizations across the island decided to keep the momentum of the Happy to Give Back Month going by starting their own campaign supporting Happy to Give Back. Aruba Experience donated the whole revenue of a Monday to Happy to Give Back and challenged Hoya to start their own campaign. Hoya gave for two weeks a percentage per sold Mojito to Happy to Give Back and challenged Local Store. If you buy funchi fries or a combo with funchi fries at Local Store, a percentage will go to Happy to Give Back. Of course we collaborate closely with the organizations concerning the (cross) marketing and PR around it. Curious who is going to be the next one. You? Send us a message via [email protected]

HTGB goes NL

We know that every country is fighting a hard battle when it comes to COVID-19, but we also know there are a lot of Aruban friends in the Netherlands that would love to support the most vulnerable. We are therefore very grateful for the partnerships with ATA NL, Arubahuis, District 297 and Kompas to create a strong campaign towards the Netherlands in the upcoming months. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and this website to learn more. 
Are you living in the Netherlands and want to contribute to this initiative? Send an email to [email protected]

HTGB Challenge

Are you Happy to Give Back and prefer organizing an initiative to raise funds? Join the HTGB challenge: come up with a creative way to raise funds for the Happy to Give Back campaign and our team will support you where possible and help you promote your initiative on all social media channels.
Contact us at [email protected] #htgbchallenge